Bayeux Tapestry Museum

The vacation season is the time par excellence when family ties are strengthened through family outings. The pleasure of entertaining together helps to consolidate already strong bonds. For a successful family vacation, Normandy welcomes you with its many tourist advantages. Come and have fun in our caravanning campground Le Fanal, through various activities such as games, concerts, theme nights, etc. In addition to these activities, you have the wide possibility of making tourism through the city of Bayeux located nearby. It offers you a very attractive tourist environment, in particular thanks to :

These are tourist treasures that reveal the historical character of this city. Let’s go and discover them!

The Bayeux Tapestry

>Discover in this city one of its greatest historical treasures: the famous tapestry. It has a museum entirely dedicated to it that allows you to discover this canvas of almost 70 meters in length and 20 centimeters in height. It is a fabric woven in the eleventh century that recalls the victory of William the Conqueror, then Duke of Normandy, over Harold, thus taking possession of the throne of England. It would have been commissioned by Odon de Conteville, half-brother of William the Conqueror and bishop of the city of Bayeux between 1049 and 1097. The bishop is said to have commissioned it at the dedication of the cathedral, which is an architectural and historical marvel that is imperative to discover.

The cathedral of Bayeux

A masterpiece of Norman Romanesque and Gothic architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral stands majestically in the heart of the old town. It is a historical monument whose reconstruction after a fire started by Hugues II and finalized by Odon de Conteville between 1040 and 1080. Its dedication was made on July 14, 1077 by the archbishop of Rouen Jean d’Ivry in the presence of William the Conqueror and Queen Matilda. Discover all the Romanesque and Gothic architectural art through its western facade, its nave, its transept and its central tower.

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