Campsite close to the landing beaches

Le Fanal campsite is located near the landing beaches of Normandy: Utah beach, Omaha beach, Gold beach, Juno beach and Sword beach. You can be passionate or just curious about history, our campsite offer you a unique history setting for your visit on the norman coast and with this, the opportunity to live unbelievables moments on site thanks to its proximity with the landing beaches of Normandy. 

Live the History while staying in our 4-star campsite.

The campsite is located near to the historic landing sites of World War II. During your visit weither it be in rental or pitch, take the time to visit and to learn more about those places.

Located only 10 km away from the Channel Sea, our campsite in Normandy  is a perfect inking point to combine cultural visit and relaxation, within a 4-star environment that both, young and old will enjoy. You can explore the many historical sites in the vicinity of the campsite, you wil be able to come back in your accomodation (mobil-home or pitch) or to take a break in our heated swimming pool.

In the center of Cotentin, we have in our disposal a perfect setting for families looking for recreational acticity as the visit to the remains of World War II in Juno Beach or the discovery of city and neighbouring villages as Saint-Lô that was released after the landing on 6 June of 1994, by Americans. Thus, if you are interested in Landing history, nothing better than staying some times in Normandy in one of the mobil-home of our campsite.

A perfect campsite for holidays in Calvados: all comfort mobil-home, children’s club, covered and heated swimming pool…

Chosing our campsite for your visit in Normandy, is to opt for a 4-star establishment with several assets as a coverd an heated swimming pool to enjoy the joy of swimming, and this, all along the season, heated water park opened from July to August, a bar restaurant, a children’s club (only for children from 6 to 12 years old), modern rentals witl all comfort needed (and can accomadate up to 8 persons), animations everyday in summer for both, young and old, sport facilities (multi-sport court, playing air, etc.) thus, only visits from local stakeholders espacially organised for you!

As you can see, our campsite, located in the center of Cotentin, in Basse-Normandie, is the perfect place to have family holidays in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere… And this just a stone’s throw from the Normandy landing beaches!

Put the history of Normandy at the centre of your holiday and explore the D-Day sites that cannot be circumvented.

Enter to these places of remembrance. Today, there are many places to visit that will help you understand events of 6 June 1944. Beaches (Omaha Beach, Utha Beach, Gold Beach, Sword Beach, Juno Beach), the different remains as well as memorials are part of must-see places to visit during holidays in Normandy.  The landins of Normandy is considered as one of the bigest military operation of the history. This was a logistical feat which will always be remembered for its success and impact on the allied forces.

Normandy landing sites and beaches

On 6 of June, allied soldiors were landing on the Normandy coast to release Europe. The beaches on which they landed were named as Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beach. Le Fanal campsite is only located at 20 km of Omaha Beach and less than 30 km away of Utah Beach!

During your journey, you can visit other key sites of this region like the Mulberry remains, artificial harbour in Arromanches which will  help you mesure the the logistical importance during this period. Discover also the memorial of Normandy battle in Bayeux that is worth visiting. Cimiteries are also predilection places, like the American military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer. Finally, tribute places for soldiors are opened all alog the calvados coast and around the city of Caen.

Guided tour of D-Day: An epic journey in the Second World War

The D-Day Tour is an exciting and educational way to discover one of the most important event of the history. It’s not just a visit. It is a real immersive and interactive experience which educates and entertains tourist of all ages and all nationality about the World War II hostory. This give you the opportuity to see places where certain battles took place, the most famous are at Omaha Beach, at La Pointe du Hoc  and at the American cemetery in Normandy. This guided tour will enable you to have a close look on the World War II impact on today’s world, with details of what happened to those who fought in this historic war.

For any question about booking of a mobil-home or a pitch, do not hesitate do contact us, We will be happy to provide you with more information.