Caen Memorial is a must-see!

Designed by the architect Jacques Millet and assisted by the curator Yves Devraine, the Caen Memorial is a museum themed entirely around peace. The French President, François Mitterrand, opened the Memorial on the 6th June 1988, in the presence of the Heads of State or the governments of the 11 other countries involved in the Battle of Normandy.

The 20th century in Caen

This museum is
devoted to twentieth-century history, and has a collection of various objects from daily life under the Nazi Occupation. The different parts of the fighting, especially the Battle of Normandy, as well as the advancement of the Allied troops into France and the history of the Holocaust are shown through various sequences. Learn more about ‘The World before 1945’, ‘The World after 1945’, ‘Inky opinions: world news through editorial cartoons’, ‘The underground bunker: General Richter’s headquarters’, ‘The international European Liberation park’. There are also various collections of objects, archives and documentation, and an incredible room about the persecution of the Jews and the Holocaust with bullets. In the Memorial, there are spaces devoted to a gallery of destroyed towns (Le Havre, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Warsaw, Stalingrad, London, Rotterdam, Caen, Aunay-sur-Odon, Tokyo, and more). The museum also organises regular public events (temporary exhibitions, international human rights competition for lawyers, an international summit of designers for Cartooning for Peace, and many more).

Rediscover the 20th century in Caen

Moving, spacious, interesting and essential for remembrance, the Memorial is well worth a visit. Visiting this museum is an opportunity to rediscover the major historic events of the 20th century. For your enjoyment and personal growth, visit the Museum with your family, partner or friends during your stay at Le Fanal Campsite. Make sure you get a guided tour for an excellent visit and day of learning.