Arromanches and its man-made harbour

The region of Normandy is a fantastic destination with plenty to do. Le Fanal 4-star Campsite welcomes you for a wonderfully relaxing break in Isigny-sur-Mer. You’ll definitely love our activities. Try sports activities, disco evenings and a range of activities in our pool complex. And the cherry on the cake is exploring the town of Arromanches, just a few kilometres away from the campsite. You’ll have a wonderful time as you appreciate and take pride in its history.

The town

This nearby seaside town has almost 600 residents. It is known across the world for being the site of the famous Normandy Landings. The town has places to visit that are steeped in history. For example:

  • The Church of Saint Peter, built between 1857 and 1870 in a magnificent neo-Roman style, which was a key building in the revolution of this seaside town;
  • A famous museum of different objects, weapons, photographs and models that retrace the Normandy Landings;
  • The famous Mulberry harbours, a beacon of Normandy’s history.
Mulberry harbours

Built during the Second World War on the Normandy coast, the Mulberry harbours allowed the Allies to rapidly offload cargo, whilst avoiding rough seas. The Mulberry harbours were made of ‘Phoenix’ caissons, which were pre-fabricated in England. Still visible today, they provided the conditions for what many consider to be a unique example of military genius. The harbours were used to offload a huge amount of cargo for the time: 2.5 million men, 500,000 vehicles and 4 million tonnes of equipment. To make this possible, the harbours had to be impeccably designed, with quays, floating roadways and many more important elements. The harbours were key in securing victory in Normandy. This magnificent site is definitely worth a visit.

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